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Pedal Commander Scion/Subaru/Toyota Throttle Controller PC63-BT

Brand: Pedal Commander

Part #: PDLPC63-BT

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Pedal Commander Scion/Subaru/Toyota Throttle Controller

Please ask us about your application to confirm compatibility.


(Subaru Crosstrek & XV) (2013+)

(Subaru WRX) (2015+)

(Subaru Tribeca) (2006-2014)

(Subaru Outback) (2008-2019)

(Subaru Legacy) (2010-2019)

(Subaru Impreza) (2005+)

(Subaru Forester) (2008+)

(Subaru BRZ) (2012+)

(Subaru Ascent) (2019+)

(Scion FR-S) (2012-2016)

(Toyota GT 86) (2012+)

What is the Pedal Commander and what does it do?

The Pedal Commander is the world’s most advanced throttle response controller. This gives drivers full control over their vehicle’s performance by offering 36 different settings to choose from. With the Pedal Commander, drivers now have the power to eliminate the annoying lag and sluggish feel that their vehicle may have or add additional lag to save on fuel economy thanks to Pedal Commander’s advanced Eco mode. Whether you’re looking into saving on gas, getting racing-type performance or improving your every-day driving experience, the Pedal Commander has a mode for you. Try it for yourself risk-free, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Faster acceleration
  • 36 advanced settings to choose from
  • Save up to 20% in fuel economy (Eco Mode)
  • Bluetooth Compatible (Free Pedal Commander App)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Will not void your vehicle’s warranty

How does it work?

Nowadays, vehicles built with ECU's (computers) which require digital signals to be sent whenever you step on the gas pedal, resulting in response delays. The Pedal Commander system solves this issue by amplifying the signal to an extreme but safe measure to an amount where there's little to no delay depending on your preference. Every driver is different which is why our system offers 36 different settings, giving you the ability to fine-tune your favorite setting. The difference in performance from your stock or even tuned vehicle is night and day. Feel the difference for yourself today.