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2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma, Hawk Performance - Performance Ceramic Front Brake Pads

Brand: Hawk Performance

Part #: HB490Z.665

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Performance Ceramic Front Brake Pads (HB490Z.665) by Hawk Performance. These brake pads are designed to maximize all the benefits of ceramic construction to create pads that provide a high level of smooth braking power at high speeds and temperatures while producing virtually no noise, vibration, or dust. Performance Ceramic brake pads are designed to the precise tolerances of factory parts for proper fit and operation of anti-lock brakes, but provide longer pad life that is easier on brake rotors. Limited lifetime warranty.


Series: Performance Ceramic
Friction Material: Ceramic
Finish: Black Powder Coat
Dust Rating: Low
Driving Style: Performance / Racing
Pad Thickness: 16.891mm (0.665")
Pad Length: 135.5mm (5.33")
Quantity: Sold as Set

  • Pads and clips are designed in the precise size and shape of factory OEM parts for proper fit and operation
  • Ceramic pad compounds offer a smoother more superior level of braking power most effective at autobahn speeds
  • Designed to work most effectively with ABS systems
  • Reduced brake dust keeps wheels much cleaner
  • Ceramic pads eliminate squealing under the most extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Ceramic pad compounds wear slower and last longer than OEM equipment
  • Reduced heat buildup eliminates brake fading that occurs when brake fluid reaches boiling temperature under heavy use
  • Pre-chamfered edges ensure more effective braking against worn brake rotors
  • Slotted center groove provides more effective removal of water, dust, and gasses that build up normally during the braking process
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (not wear)
  • Sold as a set for two wheels