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2015-20 Mustang Ecoboost / V6 EBC Stage 5 REAR Superstreet Disc Brake Kit (2-piston front calipers)

Brand: EBC Brakes

Part #: S5KR1678

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EBC S5 REAR kit - Yellowstuff Sport Brake Pads and Black GD Rotors

About the friction material:

EBC Yellowstuff 1793 compound is a true winner all round. It has high friction from a cold start, not requiring warm up for street use. When under a load, causing increased heat, braking just gets better!

About the rotor:

“Thermic black” and NITROTHERM™ FINISH
EBC Brakes produces all of its GD series and USR discs with a long lasting corrosion resistant finish. The coating is either the world famous thermic or, for less popular smaller batch items, we use the NITROTHERM™ process of anti corrosive paint applied using this revolutionary process that coats with warm Nitrogen producing a better finish.

Where castings or finished rotors have been bought in to complement the range, the strictest quality controls you can imagine ensure the safety and quality of the parts we sell. EBC adds value to its products by strictest quality controls and specifications and a 100% run out and dimensional check, plus all USA sport rotors are slotted at the Las Vegas facility of the USA operation.

Driving Style: Performance / Racing, Hauling & Towing
FMSI Cross Reference: D1810
Rotor Height: 44mm (1.73")
Lug Quantity: 5
Minimum Rotor Thickness: 24mm (0.94")
Rotor Thickness: 25mm (0.98")
Outside Diameter: 330mm (13")
Rotor Construction: 1-Piece
Rotor Material: Cast Iron
Rotor Style: Dimpled & Slotted
Rotor Type: Vented
Height Pad A: 48mm (1.89")
Width Pad A: 126.7mm (4.99")
Thickness Pad A: 16.2mm (0.64")

Rotors: GD7696 (2 per Pack)
Pads: DP43043R (4 per Pack)



The EBC Brakes warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship only. Warranty is for replacement of similar product or refund of purchase value only excluding all labor and ancillary charges such as vehicle towing, fitting, inconvenience, purchasing of other manufacturers products and is good for a period of twelve months from date of purchase or 10,000 miles of highway use. Proof of mileage will be required. Warranty is invalid if product is used for taxi/hire car, racing, rally, drifting, trackday experience driving, or any other form of competition. There is absolutely no warranty on any EBC product for race use. Warranty does not cover brake noise or normal wear and tear. Some brake pad systems cause pads to wear faster than others. Drivers/users must assess the performance and durability of EBC Brakes products themselves if any EBC product is to be used in racing.