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Pedal Commander throttle response controller PC65-BT for 2007-2019 Silverado/Sierra 1500

Brand: Pedal Commander

Part #: PC65-BT

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Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC65-BT (blue tooth) specifically designed for 2007 through 2019 Silverado/Sierra 1500

2007-18 for 4.3L

2007-13 for 4.8L

2007-19 for 5.3L (classic)

2007-13 for 6.0L

2014-18 for 6.2L

Call in if you have a question about an application not listed: 440-201-9123

How Pedal Commander Works

Pedal Commander connects inline between the accelerator pedal sensor and ECU which controls the throttle body. The Pedal commander is an adjustable amplifier for your gas pedal.

  • Pedal Commander will allow you to control your throttle MAP, allowing you to open your throttle 50% instead of 25% along with start and endpoint.
  • Pedal Commander's processor and other components are automotive grades and one of the most advanced and fastest processors on the market. So we are confident no one can match our performance and quality.

Can your factory Eco, Sport, Sport+ settings do the same? No, your factory setting has 1 map and that speed is limited by your ECUs processor speed. Pedal Commander will work hand-in-hand with your factory settings to give you complete control over your gas pedal's response.

With 4 programs and 9 different levels in total 36 different settings, Pedal Commander gives drivers the ability to have full control over how they want their gas pedal to respond. Pedal Commander is also equipped with Bluetooth, so you can download our app, tuck away the pedal commander, and just use the app to control the sensitivity.


Step One - Turn off ignition.

  • Keep the key fob at least 35ft (10m) away from the vehicle. They key signal can give power to your vehicle's computer.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes with your driver door open to allow your ECU to shut down

Step Two - Plug in Pedal Commander.

  • Locate your accelerator pedal assembly plug connection
  • Remove the plug from your gas pedal
  • Plug male and female connectors into their coordinating plugs on the gas pedal. Make sure that both plugs "click" into place.

Step Three - Clean Up.

  • Make sure the cables are tucked in place so they do not affect or endanger your driving
  • Route the Pedal Commander to where you can access easily

Step Four - Mount.

  • Use the included alcohol wipe to clean the area where you would like the mount the bracket
  • Apply the supplied velcro to the bracket and cleaned area
  • Place the Pedal Commander into the bracket and you're done! 


  • When installing the Pedal Commander, if the plugs are not fully locked in, they can become loose over time. To ensure you locked the plugs in place, you will want to hear a "click" sound when connecting the plugs. That "click" signifies that they have been locked in tight.
  • If you do not wait as explained and you unplug the gas pedal too soon, you will receive a check engine light because the vehicle's computer still has power and has detected a sensor was unplugged.


Each Pedal Commander purchase comes with a 2-year product warranty with proof of purchase. This warranty applies to Pedal Commander units purchased directly from an authorized reseller or Pedal Commander website. Pedal Commander will repair the defective unit at no charge. In the event that Pedal Commander determines that the unit is not repairable, the product will be replaced (the defective product will be replaced with a new Pedal Commander unit in the first 30-days as of date of purchase, and for units purchased outside of the 30-days, the Pedal Commander unit may be replaced with a refurbished unit)